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10 Reasons to Leave America

leave america

As a preface, understand that America has some of the best scenery and nicest smaller towns in the world. It also provides maybe the most amount of geographic options within a single country. Finally, it’s the greatest place I can think of to do business. All that being said, as a world traveler I find there are many reasons to leave America and become an expat due to cultural issues. I will list them here.

# 10 – The Food is Garbage


My friend and traveling buddy explained to me, “When Americans move to Prague, they are surprised how they just seem to naturally lose weight. I think just being in the United States keeps you fat.’

Food is, by nature, lower quality in the U.S., even though there is a greater abundance of it. At the supermarket, I’ll find 20 different types of bread by big companies all competing for your dollar. More than half of these loaves have dubious ingredients on the back. Some brands even contain high fructose corn syrup to try to addict buyers who don’t know better to the product’s unnatural sugar content.

Most of Europe and the UK, on the other hand, has long since taken progressive measures to ban additives like carcinogenic food coloring. So you won’t find high fructose corn syrup sweetened, blue-dye morsels masquerading as blueberries in your muffin.

# 9 – The Infrastructure is Falling Apart


Nowhere is perfect. In cities in Southeast Asia I see streets with open sewage grates and pot-holes the size of craters. But what annoys me about the United States is that despite being such a rich country, I’ve seen similar problems of unkempt streets. Why? In other Western developed nations, this isn’t really a problem. The answer is probably that U.S. city governments constantly mismanage their funding, and the government in general allocates more money to things like warfare than its own citizens.

As a perfect example, note how most American cities completely lack adequate public transportation.

# 8 – The Architecture is Hideously Boring


Efficient, corporate, concrete slabs—this best describes U.S. cities and buildings. It’s hard to stay inspired in these types of environments for very long. I don’t know how architecture went bust in the modern world, but most European / Baltic cities do not suffer from this problem, as both new and ancient buildings maintain their sense of vision.

# 7 – Thug Culture is a Thing


Obviously, every city has its “bad side of town”, but nothing in the Western world compares to U.S. cities like Los Angeles. The dark reflection of the American “winner takes all” mentality is the celebration of and obsession with modern gang-bangers. Middle class kids try desperately to become these guys, while people who grow up in impoverished areas actually live the lifestyle and join massive, violent gangs like MS13.

To say this mentality flows against civil society and education is an understatement. These kids wouldn’t be able to locate Canada on a map, but they know enough about the metric system to deal crack by age 12.

Ghetto culture becomes so rampant across the states that whole sections of cities are generally considered “no go” areas if you’re not yourself extremely street savvy. Get lost one time and you’ll encounter endless hordes of drug-addicts, pimps, prostitutes, thugs, thieves, and killers. Growing up in Tucson, AZ I remember people in general lived in fear of venturing to the southern side of the city for any reason whatsoever.

I’ve been to “bad sides of town” in Europe and found it laughable. Their idea of a sketchy neighborhood is a couple of prostitutes and maybe one or two weird homeless people bugging you.

So, what’s to blame? Is it listening to gangster rap? Well, I don’t think so. I see kids blasting rap in low-crime European cities all of the time. The problem is systemic. It involves an American loneliness and anti-sociality, where it’s every man for himself. This leads to…

# 6 – Americans Are Anti-Social, Lonely and Depressed


A culture that revolves around business and “individualism” has a deep dark side. The general population, obsessed with anti-spiritual principles like fame, status and stepping over one another, leaves at best successful but lonely professionals, and at worst whole generations of disconnected, emotionally and socially broken souls.

Statistics will prove my points. Median depression rates in Europe are 6%. In my current city, Prague, it’s a bit high—7%. Median depression rates in the USA are around 16% according to the National Institute of Health.

“But Americans seem happy”, you may say. I see this, too. Americans try to fake pleasant behavior. Like the waitress at Applebees who greets you with a big, artificial smile while inside there is probably nothing but pain.

Fake American happiness is actually a coping mechanism. And, it’s a good effort. It won’t help to go around unfriendly and brooding about your problems. Even faking happiness to make other people happier at least helps push you in the right direction. But it won’t cure your existential crisis.

The result of this general malaise in the population can be felt by anyone who lives in the states for a long period of time. You will find that meeting friends is oddly challenging. People don’t prioritize socializing, but will quickly regress to things like video games, TV, work, or alcohol.

As a guy, if I try to meet an American woman I like, nine times out of ten I’ll discover she has more shields and defenses up than the Death Star. To be emotionally guarded is a symptom of pain and depression. I don’t encounter this problem much in Europe, and DEFINITELY not in Southeast Asia.

# 5 – The Family Unit is Broken


Divorce rates are so massive in the USA that it’s starting to seem like marriage itself is just a “career move” for, in particular, women who want the benefits of alimony / spousal support as they continue their own individual goals. (I am not saying men do not initiate divorce, too—but I have to look at statistics, showing men typically are the ones getting their asses handed to them in divorce courts.)

But there’s no reason to call out any particular sex. The real reason for this is the same I listed above: the “winner takes all” mentality. Many Americans enter relationships with the mindset of “What can I gain from this situation?”

The trickle-down effect are broken families as a whole. Unhappy kids, unhappy parents, ruined homes, and plastic artificial happiness in suburbia.

A culture that does not have this problem is vastly different. Depression, isolation and general malaise in the population won’t occur, because people have a family “safety net”, which means if your job crashes or you have a health problem, you have uncles, brothers, sisters, parents, cousins who will look out for you.

This is why people in countries like Thailand or the Philippines can be, gasp, poorer but still happier. Maybe they’re making just enough to scrape by, but while in the U.S. that might be a death sentence, in Southeast Asia you still have your entire family and social circle to provide security.

In the USA in many families, you’re out by 18—and it’s not a big deal, because by then you desperately want to get away from your arguing, manic parents who are on the verge of divorce. Is it any wonder that youth will then turn to thug culture (point 7) to find the social safety net humans desperately want?

# 4 – Americans Won’t Face Their Cultural Problems

dumb patriot

“American superiority” is the belief that America is the greatest country, despite the fact infant mortality rates and a burgeoning healthcare and infrastructure points us more toward 2nd world developing status.

Ok, national pride, everyone has that, right? The problem with the states is that this mentality is not what you’d expect to find in just any country. Rather, it becomes something that feels like full-blown brainwashing.

“Yeah, I had to pay $8,500 in hospital bills because I stubbed my toe, and my family hasn’t spoken to each other in 15 years, and my city is falling apart, but fuck am I glad I’m not some socialist European.”

It’s almost as if certain branches of the media infuse people with quasi-nationalism so that they overlook the fact they’re being used as uneducated pawns. Hmmmm….

# 3 – Shallow Attitudes Rule the Day

frat boys

If you are a teenager or a 20-something in America, I have some bad news: if you don’t follow reality TV like the Kardashians, like to get drunk, and you don’t like to gossip about co-workers or classmates, you will have no ability to connect with people your age.

The problem comes to American youth who just don’t use their brains. From early in school, education is discouraged (smart people = nerds), and thug culture is encouraged. Cool people aren’t the ones thinking about things. On through college, average conversations for me consisted of “Man I got plastered last night”. A guy like me just has to roll his eyes, endure it, or try to play along.

I first noticed something was different about the rest of the world when I started going to youth hostels in the USA and meeting European travelers. Everybody was filled with interesting opinions, ideas, and—unbelievably—actual personalities!

By contrast, exhibiting these traits among American peers is more likely to isolate you among the “outcasts”—in other words, the pimply kids sitting in the back of the cafeteria playing Magic the Gathering and drinking Mountain Dew. Not my idea of a good time, either.

That’s because conformity is the name of the game in America, especially when you’re young. Personality, thoughts, ideas and other taboos are considered low-value. For men, crew cuts, talking about getting plastered, and generally acting like a Neanderthal is the proper strategy if you want any chance of getting invited to parties or dare I say get laid.

In summary, in most places I go to abroad, you are free to be yourself and you won’t be judged for not conforming. Or, if you do experience judgmental behavior by peers, it’s so minor compared to the social excommunication you’d feel in America, that it’s not even an issue, and you can still find things like friends or parties. If you are a young person reading this, I highly suggest to go study abroad. Go somewhere like the Czech Republic, or even England.

# 2 – The U.S. is Becoming a Police State

police state2

I can quickly tell how systemically corrupt a country is by the quality of the police force. One major warning sign is if you feel safe in the presence of cops, or paranoid.

I’ve been to some countries that I quickly recognize as having corrupt governments by virtue of how the police act. Cities I feel paranoid include: Istanbul, Bangkok, and Los Angeles. By contrast, even when I was in London I felt safe around the cops (who do not even carry firearms).

While in some countries, the police will outright ask for bribes or blackmail you, the U.S. operates a bit more covertly by working within the parameters of the law. The scary part is how that means the law is slowly inching toward something that does not feel very democratic.

Even small police forces in rural cities are now arming themselves like branches of the military; all the while it’s becoming easier and easier for police to legally shoot and kill unarmed citizens for whatever dumb reason they can think up of.

This leaves a major question: what direction are things going? Where is this going to lead?

# 1 – Americans Are Slaves Controlled By Debt

in chains

I wanted to put the laughably bad healthcare system as the primary problem with America, but I realize I could instead address a bigger issue: Americans are forced into corners because of carrying crushing amounts of debt.

The debt is accumulated from primarily school loans and hospital bills—two sources of debt that are often eliminated in first-world countries that manage their governments properly enough to subsidize and reduce these expenses.

The reason is because, once again, people are born and raised in America with the same “winner takes all” mentality. People become educators not to educate, but to reap excess profit from an industry that people feel forced to purchase into. And, a majority of doctors certainly don’t care about helping sick people, they care about prescribing hundreds of thousands of dollars in cheap to produce cancer drugs to the nation’s sick and dying (drugs which are themselves toxic, requiring future medical expenses to treat the resulting diseases they cause, great business model right!).

But even worse is the fact that an uninsured trip to the ER for something as minor as a cut could cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. Many foreigners advise people who travel into America to be VERY well insured, and to keep the visit temporary lest you end up owing some American bank your entire life savings.

I often recount my experience in Thailand, where I shattered my upper femur bone and required a 10-hour operation and two weeks in the hospital. Thailand uses a free-market healthcare system like the U.S., but there are plenty of government-supported hospitals partially financed by private interests (namely, the Thai royal family). During my stay, they fed me steak, vitamins, and I worked with a good physical therapist. Final bill was $1,200.

The system to control Americans through debt is nothing short of evil, and the transparency of this corruption is especially evident when a developing country like Thailand, which is per capita far more populated than the United States, can still provide healthcare—even to a foreigner.

In Summary

The common theme in this article is that a “winner takes all”, anti-social mindset pervades America as the primary cause of most of its problems. The only way for America to heal and become a suitable place to live is if a cultural, social shift occurs, and priorities of people begin to change, with a new focus on the community. Will this happen in my lifetime? I have no idea.

78 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Leave America

  1. Why are some of the people in the comments getting so mad about this. It is the truth and you are all to scared to own up to it. I live in America and I know that it is bad here and I am not scared to own up to the bullshit that goes on in this country.

  2. whats your suggestion on how to leave and get out of America and live more naturally and primitively in the wild, possible central America and tropics? not on a capitalist money economy. but also not alone, small community or tribe. im ready.

  3. Sorry, I’m somewhat inactive on my own site lately and I’ll try to fix that. I don’t think you’ll be getting away from capitalism. Attempts to NOT be capitalist sure haven’t worked out too well. And you’ll find South America or Central America can be frighteningly corrupt. But, you can go somewhere like Costa Rica where I don’t believe it’s too hard to get in with a visa and the dollar goes further. Or if you want to go somewhere much more remote and where English is spoken, Belize. You just need a way to make some money online or something along those lines. My old but still relevant book How to Quit Your Job goes into that.

  4. Those ten reasons are so totally right on. Not only are Americans unwilling to change their toxic attitudes, but guys are expected to act like it’s a capital felony under Federal law, enforced aggressively by the FBI, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Marshals, the U.S. Military, the U.S. Supreme Court, punishable by three hundred seventy five (375) years to life in Federal prison and/or the death penalty for all involved, use of deadly force authorized, to interact with strangers and make friends in the United States of America.

    Also, you haven’t seen really terrible violence until you have been to Chicago aka Chiraq. All of Cook County, Illinois south of Lawrence Avenue from Illinois Route 50 to the lakeshore and through Gary, Indiana is all one huge endless ghetto. Even Downtown Chicago is the hood. Violent gangs like the Latin Kings, Gangster Disciples, Four Corner Hustlers, Mickey Cobras, not to mention the vicious flash mobs with stolen MP-5s and AK-47s that target innocent people, news media, and law enforcement, they shoot up public transit vehicles and then rob everyone on board. Chicago proper sees at least 1,000 to 3,500 shootings, robberies, assaults, and muggings every single day. Even during winter, the gangs and mobs are out in full force.

    American women are also hateful, heartless, and spoiled rotten with a bad attitude. You can feel their “Do Not Approach” force fields from a football field away. Most single women over 21 years old are even supermorbidly obese (upwards of 400 and even 600 pounds!) And Americans even came up with the false term “big and beautiful” to mask and cover up the fact that an obese woman’s own enormous girth is what’s keeping the guys away like a steel wall. The single women that are not overweight are either lesbian or are more spoiled than Veruca Salt in the 1971 movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” Put simply, any man who wants a relationship with her better be financially able to easily afford ZIP Code 90210. Plus, the women themselves are toxic, hateful, and violent in their toxic, evil hearts. They may look benign on the outside, but in their hearts, they are worse than Adolf Hitler! And that’s why they go for guys that are toxic, violent, possessive, selfish, and controlling. It’s no wonder nice guys finish last in America. American women themselves are toxic, hateful, spoiled rotten with an evil attitude, and violent, and they go for guys that are the same. Every guy I am sure has experienced it before. You approach a dating couple, the woman sees you and buries her face in her boyfriend’s shoulder like saying “Help me! Protect me from the creep!” and using him as a human shield or human wall, and the guy says to you; “Back off, man! Go away!”

  5. Americans are also callous bullies, too! Women and all. Americans no longer mature past junior high anymore; there are Americans as old as 35 acting like they are still 12 years old. Going out alone makes you look like a loser to everyone and you stay alone. And not only that, but going out alone, in a rapidly growing number of places, actually gets you labeled a lunatic. They see a guy all by himself and they say; “Ah ha! Sex predator! Rapist! Lunatic! Massacre suspect! He’s a ticking time bomb! He’s escaped from prison! Run for your life!” and they give him a 75+ foot berth.

    More critically, America’s nightlife atmosphere has turned violent and isolating. Gone are the slow songs, the classic rock, the R&B, and the general old-school music; America’s entire nightlife atmosphere has degenerated and devolved into only two (2) genres of music; rap/hip hop and country. A sure sign that America has degenerated into a violent gang culture with a side culture of country rednecks.

    Country music aka line dancing is popular because it allows everyone to stay in their own personal bubbles and maintain the default ice walls and force fields while dancing. People know that if the entire crowd looks like a military training exercise and is swinging back and forth like a battering ram, freestyle dancers will not go on the dance floor lest they get knocked to the floor and trampled by the dance crowd. In other words, line dancing is a “shield” that keeps all strangers at bay. And many clubs nationwide are even taking down the Disco sphere, remodeling the entire interior with wooden dance floors and railings, and going pure country aka honky-tonk. Many even have rules prohibiting freestyle dancing.

    Rap is popular because America has become a violent gang/thug culture. An estimated 91% of Americans 40 and younger are in gangs, the most common of which are MS-13, Los Zetas, Gangster Disciples, Latin Kings, and Lake Boyz (a known terrorist gang with ties to ISIS!). American college students are the worst, with nearly 100% of them in violent gangs, making American college campuses some of the most dangerous places on Earth. Shootings, homicides, armed robberies, armed car jackings, the so-called “college nights” at bars frequently erupt in gunfire and shootings, often with multiple fatalities. One so-called “rap nightclub” even once had homemade bombs discovered by a police shakedown. And they water it all down by calling it “hip-hop.” Saying that you hate rap music gets you labeled a racist and a hater. Americans have such enormous egos and they dig rap so heavily, people that hate rap music get accused of burning black churches, being Ku Klux Klan members, harboring hatred towards people of color, and even supporting Jim Crow laws.

  6. Hey Saturn…what a load of baloney. 91% of Americans 40 and younger are gang members???? That’s BS and you know it. If it’s so bad here go to someplace “normal” like North Korea. Fool.

  7. Mike Lidestri, are you kidding me here!? North Korea as a country is a nationwide supermaximum security prison, worse than California’s Pelican Bay State Prison. Even vacationing in North Korea is like vacationing in the “Shu” at Pelican Bay State Prison or even in Oklahoma’s “H-Unit” prison. North Korea has no healthcare at all whatsoever, the water is horribly filthy and disease ridden, food is scarce; the military and the dictators get 99.9% of all food in North Korea while citizens get barely a scrap, worse than the beggar Lazarus in front of the rich man’s luxury palace. North Korean houses are filthy, disease ridden, full of rats and roaches, anyone who complains of the poverty and lack of food and healthcare gets publicly executed along with 3 generations of extended family. Or they get sent to North Korean prisons which are like the inside of a sewer with demons for security and are Hades brought to physical form on the surface of the Earth.

    North Korea is a hell country. In fact, North Korea is not even a country at all. It’s a 46,540 square mile supermax prison. Worse than Alcatraz, worse than Pelican Bay, worse than Sing-Sing, worse than H-Unit, possibly even worse than Tamms.

  8. There are so many other countries better than the USA and North Korea, including Costa Rica, parts of Mexico that aren’t along a Cartel route (such as the Yucatan Peninsula), southern Brazil, the central and northern Philippines, Thailand, France, Greece, Germany, and of course the Caribbean. Simply avoid; Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Honduras, El Salvador, Venezuela, Colombia, North Korea, China, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, and Zimbabwe.

  9. I was born in “America” and I always felt miserable! I’ve always wanted to use natural herbs for medicine instead of those strong medications. Or natural unassisted births. And taste an apple that isn’t full of steroids. As a black woman, I’m leaving America. Things are way too complicated here. Everyone is turning gay, soon we won’t be able to reproduce babies and the human race is gonna die down(LMFAO). People agreeing that abortion isn’t murder, when it sure is, and come of with “reasons” that it is right. I’m just ready to LEAVE. I just need to know what country is better for me.

  10. My wife and I moved to the USA in 1980, from the UK. We were 19 and 21 respectively. This year, 2019, We’re going back. I’ve seen this country going down further and further each year. All 10 of your points were right on the mark, and I agree with your assessments completely. Looking back, we should have gone back 10 or 20 years ago, but here we are….2019, and we’re finally doing it, and I can’t wait get away from the U.S.

  11. After having spent time in 17 countries, our retirement plans are not in the USA. Our college aged kids have also recognized the ‘nastiness’ of the US society and have plans to pursue their lives outside of the USA as well through study abroad and exchange programs.

    Life is what you can pay for in the US but a more pleasant way of life exists for those that have and are willing to use a passport.

  12. This is 1000% true. This country is so toxic. The doctors of this generation are also very retarded and misinformed. Pop culture has dominated everything. People think religion is an excuse to treat people like shit. Religion here is forced. This country is just selfish and disgusting.

  13. I totally agree..15 other countries have banned American food from being imported. Big pharma also has a crazy grip on people in Americans. I want out of this madness!!

  14. I want to leave America. This country is a death cult. Everything and everybody is disposable. I do not recognize this country any more. Both legal and illegal immigration has gotten out of hand. This is all due to globalism or the One World Order which is promoted by the democrats and the republicans with an end result to destroy this country. Our education system is a joke. It has been turned into teaching to the test which is not learning at all. The Spanish language is now being promoted to apply for certain jobs. This country was founded as an English speaking country. We the taxpayers should not have our tax dollars spent to promote the Spanish language. Our television shows, movies and music are garbage. Social media has gotten out of control. All of it is garbage. We do not communicate face to face with each other any more. As for the upcoming election being the most important election of our lifetime, you can just forget thinking that things will get any better, because they will not. We have reached the end of the tunnel with no light in sight.

  15. Well I would love to say your FULL OF SHIT and this country i fought and my fellow serviceman died for is the best in the world….. as i said i wold love to but i CAN’T I was a flight deck officer during nam I watched as men i called friends died right in FRONT of my eyes i was 19 at the most and i was proud to serve But now that is a joke you can not even teach the new recruits to even salute proper they are that STUPID to tell them they will be with out there phones you will have a riot and they will not even know why they are rioting. i WAS proud to be an american NOW I AM ONLY PROUD TO DIE………..SURE YOU CAN TRUST THE GOVERNMENT……ASK A NATIVE AMERICAN…. FOR YOU DUMMIES THAT”S AN I N D I A N AHOY

  16. I think this for the most part is accurate. But the reasons I would like to leave is a little different. I just feel like I don’t belong here. I’m considering going to college in some place like Canada maybe. I just feel as if this isn’t where I belong. I want to see the world and get different perspectives.

  17. This blog entry has sure aged well. Unfortunately, that’s not a good thing if one is still an American. Maybe I’ll see you abroad soon?

  18. We have lived in Costa Rica and Ecuador for more than 15 years. As US citizens, we couldn’t agree more with your points. Thanks for your reflections. We have shared it with family and friends wondering how could we leave “The Greatest Country in the World?”

  19. Below is an excerpt from one of my writings that I believe covers the subject of the current state of affairs in the US and for human history

    I met my second wife at a computer software conference in San Jose, California. We struggled with all the ups and downs of a marriage relationship and a few problems that were unique to ours but, in most of the important parts we complemented each other. We both enjoy travel and as time passed we found ourselves exploring more and more of Central and South American countries where we live now. Although these countries don’t always have the goods and technology that Americans require to add meaning to their meaningless lives, the people in those countries have the manners that most Americans no longer possess and live each day as best as they can, without the never ending consumerism one finds in the United States.

    As to my feelings about this experience called life in America, I can say with few exceptions that I found it to be a lonely, cruel and, after awhile, exceedingly boring experience. With only few exceptions, the hoi polloi are abysmally ignorant, and willingly so. They can tell you all about the best athlete in any sport, statistics to go with it and, rejoice in the exorbitant multi-million dollar pay given to what in most cases are one-trick ponies. And, the same applies to those manufactured TV and Hollywood personalities created by the media and followed religiously by the public. It is the endless jostling of overpaid bloated egos that the public requires just like crack addicts need crack. But, they haven’t a clue as to how the political and financial systems work against them. Cash and carry justice, cash and carry freedom and, cash and carry Democracy will keep them, and their children, always working for the master. Corporations are nothing more than 21st Century plantations where politicians are the overseers whose job it is to keep the workers distracted, in economic fear and always producing a profit for the owners. The US Congress, regardless of their party affiliation, drafts and passes legislation that is purposely poorly written, laced with loopholes and riders that only corporations, the wealthy and politicians can use to their advantage or to avoid the laws and regulation ordinary workers are forced to abide by. Profits for these unnatural entities and their owners supersede both the needs and the desires of the people. Until the concept of a corporate entity with rights and powers that vastly exceed those of natural human beings is outlawed and all existing corporate entities are dismantled, medical care, and a quality standardized educational system will never exist. And, elections are just one of the “Circuses” provided by the government to distract and fragment the public. One needs no more of an example than the current situation with the self absorbed criminal Donald Trump and the whorehouse the Republican Party has become. And, the Democratic Party is little better with its lack of ability to break free of the triumph of monied interests over public interest. From the Supreme Court on down, the legal system is populated by corrupt judges and shyster lawyers totally disinterested in justice and egregiously interested only in money, power and materialism.

    But of course there is perpetually in some form, the biggest fraud of all, that purveyor of the carrot hanging at the end of the stick, religion. No matter what name it is called by or what name it gives to its omnipotent and omniscient deities, it has always been “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” From this, one hears the never ending Kumbaya of mankind someday coming together in a millennium of peace and harmony. At least 10,000 years and peace, harmony and justice are still just a pipe dream. Different empires, different leaders, different locations on the planet, different periods in time and different religious cults to control people and still the privileged few are supported on the backs of the not so privileged many. Today, it is the Plutocratic Empire of the USA and other wannabe governments around the globe. One has too little time in life and must spend most of that time just trying to exist while politicians provide only “Bread and circuses” instead of opportunity. The masochism of blind loyalty to any government, system or person is a tyranny of ignorance and fear.

    The educational Caste System that exists today just as in the past and, the “Bread and circuses” appetite of the majority of a purposely under-educated public, have allowed this scenario to continue indefinitely. Contrary to the Horatio Alger myth, America is only a Democracy for those who already have theirs, and are getting more all the time, not for those trying to build a life from scratch. The United States of America is a lie, created by treachery and murder and is perpetuated by greed, hypocrisy and the foolishness of those who believe they are citizens when in reality they are just corporate assets to be used in the pursuit of greedier corporate profits. I spit on your duplicitous and criminal “Enterprise.”

    And so, with few exceptions, the great unwashed choose to remain unwashed. I would not look too closely at the analogy of America as that “shining city on a hill” because if you get close enough you see clearly that the city is burning down from corruption, not shining from glory. An entire galaxy to be explored, with all the natural resources anyone could possible want or need and humanity continues to waste time, resources and lives on innately corrupt political ideologies and the machinery of war fighting over the limited resources this planet offers.

    In closing , it matters not at all to me what the hoi polloi with their limited intellect make of my comments. Their historical track record in critical thinking and genuine desire to change their unenlightened situation speaks for itself in that regard.

  20. 42 U.S. Code § 1981.

    Equal rights under the law

    (a) Statement of equal rights
    ALL PERSONS [the legal status] WITHIN THE JURISDICTION OF THE UNITED STATES SHALL HAVE THE SAME RIGHT in every State and Territory to make and enforce contracts, to sue, be parties, give evidence, and TO THE FULL AND EQUAL BENEFIT OF ALL laws and proceedings for the security of persons and property as is enjoyed by white citizens, and shall be subject to like PUNISHMENT, PAINS, PENALTIES, TAXES, LICENSES, AND EXACTIONS OF EVERY KIND, AND TO NO OTHER.

    (b) “Make and enforce contracts” defined
    For purposes of this section, the term “make and enforce contracts” includes the making, performance, modification, and termination of contracts, and the enjoyment of all benefits, privileges, terms, and conditions of the contractual relationship.

    (c) Protection against impairment
    The rights protected by this section are protected against impairment by nongovernmental discrimination and impairment under color of State law.


    The wrongful act of an officer or other person in compelling payment of a fee or reward for his services, under color of his official authority, where no payment Is due. Between “extortion” and “exaction” there is this difference: that in the former case the officer extorts more than his due, when something is due to him; in the latter, he exacts what is not his due, when there is nothing due to him. Co. Litt. 368.

    Does one “win” if one can out extort his neighbor?

  21. I have to admit this has become scary accurate. Especially when it comes to the Broken Family Unit(due to bad culture), poor Food Standards, Americans not wanting to admit their own problems(or saying there is problems but doing nothing about them much like our politicians), and the Architecture on top of infrastructure. It’s just so many honestly we could go down a list. I live in the Phoenix Metro area and have seen some seedy areas, especially homeless people and some of issues you mentioned just up north of Tucson. Even in places i traveled to California with LA, SF and even areas like that it’s no different even 10 years ago and today none of it has changed for the better in this country especially building of High Speed Rails, architecture that has a distinct place and identity than it something being printed out of a 3D Printer the size of 2 story buildings even though it’s known as the mecca of the best of America and supposedly outclasses Europe or Asia. America has good things but i do feel similar to you in that this country would rather make excuses or lies and keep mediocrity than to make something revolutionary or amazing that makes the world look in envy. But alas i think it might be time to go back home to Europe that my ancestors left 100 years ago, as many continents do take themselves seriously, their culture, their architecture, infrastructure, food standards their people and their art as well. Sure it may not be rich and have high end innovation or creation but at least they have richness in life and experience try to work together for the better of each other than allow something hollow or shallow with not much interests or accepting of mediocrity than to do something about it. Besides i do have to say i agree overall with your article and thank you for convincing me to leave America.

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