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I’m a traveler and writer. I’ve appeared in media like the Los Angeles Times and BBC London regarding my work in North Korea. You may also be on this page because you are interested in another genre that I write about: the supernatural. For information about my book “Understanding Life After Death”, please see its appropriate Amazon page by clicking here.

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I grew up on a ranch outside of Tucson, Arizona as the youngest of three much older siblings. Early interest in media, film and current affairs inspired me to attend the University of Arizona in their Media Arts department, with additional focuses on Japanese language and business administration. I then proceeded to work mostly independently and remotely. From 2013 onward I have placed almost all of my effort into my books and freelance business.

In 2012 while I was in Thailand I suffered a massive injury on my right femur, which required lengthy hospital and surgical care. After making a full recovery, the experience has helped me dedicate to personal fitness and a lifestyle that is both emotionally and physically healthy.

In 2015 I returned to traveling the world and living out of a backpack.

Currently, I live in Los Angeles, CA

On this page you will get an exclusive insight into the mostly unseen world of North Korea. This is through my travelogue “North Korea Uncloaked” and the associated documentary-short that I produced throughout the summer of 2012 alongside a team of collaborators.

You can also browse my photo collections of Thailand, as I continually explore new regions of southeast Asia, and the inevitable adventures that follow me.


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2328 S. Halm Ave, Los Angeles CA 90034


NEW: If you have not yet seen the North Korea Uncloaked movie, you gotta see it here.

NEW: Do North Koreans really believe in their religion? My analysis

NEW: Guest post at major travel site,!

Could a silent revolution ever occur in the DPRK?

A pretty big gallery of photos from the country.

An example of how North Korean kids are fed propaganda.

A guide for anyone who wants to go to North Korea

An exclusive video of Americans interacting with North Koreans at the Pyongyang subway.

A rant about preconceived notions of North Korea that I’ve dealt with since returning.

Check out getting drunk and shooting at stuff in North Korea.

Be sure to see North Korea Uncloaked to read my written editorial about visiting North Korea as an American.

Check out the creepy Orwellian loudspeakers in Pyongyang.

Check out this gallery of North Korean school-children.

A visit to the Pyongyang Friendship Fair

Check out my guest post, 7 North Korea Myths, at the North Korea Blog!

In addition to the North Korea blog, you can see my friend’s phenomenal photo blog, An American in North Korea.

Support my work chronicling North Korea and other places in the world by becoming a citizen photo-journalist yourself and purchasing a Canon Rebel t3i from my affiliate store below, and I’ll make a tiny percentage of the sale. Buying a good DSLR was one of the best purchase decisions in my life. Even with a cheap lens, I still produce great images on the t3i because this professional grade camera has such a good sensor.

2 thoughts on “About Cyrus Kirkpatrick

  1. Hello!!

    I’m coming back in France yesterday, chek my pictures, and I wanted to see your links you gave to me. So you have a very good look, every pictures are interesting, seriously.
    I hope that you’re coming back in your home entirely.
    Bye bye, and happy to met you!

    Sabrina GODFRIN (the beachvolley team)

  2. Hi Sabrina. Nice to hear from you. You were a pleasure to meet. I will have another couple of galleries from the country up soon. I’m back in the United States. Stay in touch. ~Cyrus

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