First Impressions of Japan: Tokyo, Asakusa, Japanese Culture and More

sensoji shrine

As I am now officially back on the road, returning to a prolonged period of traveling, writing and adventure–it’s therefore time to return to keeping this site updated with my travel diary. I hope you’ll stick around and come back often to hear what’s on my mind or see where I’ve been.

I arrived in Asakusa last night. This is Tokyo’s “old town” area and where the great Sensoji Temple is located. Really, Japan is a stopover point for Indonesia, I’m “only” here for six days. Although, in that time I hope to see as much as I can from my cheap little hostel.

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5 Ways to Discover Your Elemental Essence


Philosophy is riddled with abstractions. One such abstract element is something I’ve touched on the corners of, yet haven’t fully wrapped my mind around. This is the individual essence. Not merely your “soul” but the flavor of who you are that is attached to everything you do. Personality is a highly dumbed-down term for what this is.

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Coming Out With My Secret Life As a Paranormal Researcher

Presenting at the 2017 Afterlife Symposium in Phoenix.

Presenting at the 2017 Afterlife Symposium in Phoenix.

A friend recently stated that trying to “come out” to her family about her interest in spiritual, “woo woo” topics was more challenging than when she had to come out as being gay. Indeed, the realm of supernatural, metaphysical topics is extremely polarizing. Which is why even on my homepage that I’ve ran for almost 8 years, I make no mention of my primary interest and side-career.

That needs to end soon.

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Americans are dying FASTER, retiring LATER… WTF? ESCAPECAST #3

On today’s episode of the Escapecast:

  • New studies show Americans are sicker, dying faster, and retiring later. What?
  • What can be done about “bad news” like this?
  • The importance of prioritizing health and well-being in your job / career.
  • Why you should be seeking out a two-pronged approach of low stress AND money, not money at the expense of your health.
  • What will my generation be doing when they retire? My guess: LAN parties and lots of video games.

Why Hollywood is NOT the Place for Success – ESCAPECAST #2

For the second episode of “The Escapecast” I’m weighing in on Hollywood, sex scandals, and the dead end path of finding fame and fortune in the same godawful place people have been going  to for a hundred years.

Some points covered:

  • The mistake of moving to Hollywood.
  • Alternatives to find success in entertainment.
  • Artists like Lindsey Stirling who remained independent without becoming a producer’s bitch.
  • Advantages of pursuing acting / entertainment careers abroad.

Presenting the Escapecast! Episode 1 – Is it time to ESCAPE from the USA?

Introducing a “podcast”… YouTube cast… Whatever you want to call it. We’ll be discussing social critiques of the West, hatching an escape plan to get out of the rat race, travel tips, exploring the world, exploring new ideas, and a lot more. In this episode I talk about.

  • Materialistic culture in the west.
  • Some of the challenges of moving abroad.
  • Why we may need stability when we relocate.
  • Main reasons people are leaving the West and heading to other countries.

It’s Not Just About Travel – Here’s the Big Picture


One thing we’ve seen drastically change within this generation are attitudes about travel. Fewer people think of it as a two-week (one one-week) excursion with a tour group, snapping photos, being pampered and attending spas. Today, travel has become a rite of passage. And that means long-term ventures, even with limited funds.

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The Myth of Requiring Wealth to Travel Rears its Head Again


Today on Reddit an AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread caught my eye. The title was (paraphrasing) “I run a company on my laptop that’s made over 22 million in profits and allowed me to travel the world. AMA!”

This immediately bugged me. You don’t need 22 million dollars to travel the world. Good on this guy for creating such a successful business and doubtlessly ending up in the .1% of very wealthy people. However, the truth is you can travel the world on $1,200 a month, or less. I know because I’ve done it.

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Where Does One Find “Home”? A Nomad’s Dilemma


Lately, as I consider preparing for my next expedition, I’ve been debating the issue of “home” and how it becomes an inevitable desire after spending months exploring foreign countries.

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Why Foreign Dating Can Be a Dream or Your Worst Nightmare (Contribution)


(The following is a guest post by Sebastian Harris, writer for Elite Daily, Thought Catalog, and various other popular sites. He wanted to come by to discuss his experiences as a travel-and-dating coach. Enjoy.)

As a traveler, foreign dating is my biggest passion.

I am serious. I am one of these weird guys who just can’t stop thinking about all the beautiful women in foreign countries. It’s an addiction.

However, this concept is also very beneficial for men. In Western countries like the USA in particular, there are a lot of issues where men feel disconnected and hopeless because of their local dating scenes. This is sometimes because of a lack of available and / or quality women.

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