Why Seeking Success is a Double-Edged Sword

double edged sword

Throughout my travels, the most miserable people I’ve ever known have been the successful and wannabe-successful. Some of whom I’ve met since coming to Los Angeles in early 2014. By contrast, the happiest people I’ve met have lived modest lives in Southeast Asian countries or even poorer parts of Europe.

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8 Signs You’re a Slave Instead of an Employee


Literal slavery is a horrible practice that still persists into the modern age. But, I want to talk about another form of human exploitation–employment slavery, which can also ruin a person’s life. Generally, I consider this a self-inflicted slavery because it’s ultimately a person’s choice to work under such conditions—but I also understand that brainwashing can occur, creating the illusion that there’s no way out.

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Raptitude and When Lifestyle Design Efforts Fail


(RIP a Lifestyle Design Effort)

I want anybody reading this to take note. I found a very important case study that relates to independent income and your overall happiness in life. (Note, David Cain himself kindly offered some addendums to this post to clarify what’s really going on from his side. Please see the comments section).

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Why Life is Meant to Be Enjoyed


Trying to make sense of the world can be difficult, especially when you realize how backwards people’s priorities are.

If you live and breathe in Western culture, I promise that you are being subjected to a socially constructed myth that you’re either “working and paying your dues”, or you’re “being lazy”. There’s no in-between. Enjoyment is greedy, work is good.

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How To Become Marketable


You may have recently read my article: (How To Be Your Own CEO). On this same vein, if you become the CEO of your life, one of the first departments you should establish is a great marketing department.
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How To Be Your Own CEO

Nothing is as ominous as a scary CEO

How do you regulate and manage your life?

I’m asking because I consider myself the CEO of my life. I have different concepts and goals, which I delegate into different “departments” in my mind. On some days, I might be focusing on a particular department (ie: learn how to play some sport, develop a particular web-site, etc.). I’ll journal, and think about ways to enhance this area. If something just isn’t working out, I may be forced to terminate that department.
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How To Return To School

Also see: How To Figure Out Your Major

These days many people are returning to school as they face the notion that their current skill-set isn’t marketable enough. This usually happens after getting laid-off, or after realizing that jobs are so hard to find that a competitive edge must be created.
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How To Figure Out Your Major

Many people go to college to achieve a degree in something which they believe is the “correct thing to do”. In other words, they have no desire to become a lawyer, but going pre-law and preparing for law school is the “responsible” thing to do, what friends and family want and expect, and therefore the only logical choice.
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Motivation Versus Discipline

Unfortunately, motivation is an easily traded commodity. It’s easy to feel motivated, and it’s even an adrenaline rush. It feels good taking action and going through a period of euphoric release as you get things done. Especially if you make a series of resolutions which you know will benefit your life. You’ll feel energized as you begin the process of redefining yourself.

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How to handle professional dissapointment.

Hollywood fascinates me.

I recently had the chance to hear a veteran of the Hollywood process give a small lecture on what life in the entertainment business is really about.
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