Americans are dying FASTER, retiring LATER… WTF? ESCAPECAST #3

On today’s episode of the Escapecast:

  • New studies show Americans are sicker, dying faster, and retiring later. What?
  • What can be done about “bad news” like this?
  • The importance of prioritizing health and well-being in your job / career.
  • Why you should be seeking out a two-pronged approach of low stress AND money, not money at the expense of your health.
  • What will my generation be doing when they retire? My guess: LAN parties and lots of video games.

Why Hollywood is NOT the Place for Success – ESCAPECAST #2

For the second episode of “The Escapecast” I’m weighing in on Hollywood, sex scandals, and the dead end path of finding fame and fortune in the same godawful place people have been going  to for a hundred years.

Some points covered:

  • The mistake of moving to Hollywood.
  • Alternatives to find success in entertainment.
  • Artists like Lindsey Stirling who remained independent without becoming a producer’s bitch.
  • Advantages of pursuing acting / entertainment careers abroad.