Why Life is Meant to Be Enjoyed


Trying to make sense of the world can be difficult, especially when you realize how backwards people’s priorities are.

If you live and breathe in Western culture, I promise that you are being subjected to a socially constructed myth that you’re either “working and paying your dues”, or you’re “being lazy”. There’s no in-between. Enjoyment is greedy, work is good.

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How To Travel on a Budget (the real way).

Do you buy into the vacation myth? Or do you know how to actually travel on a budget?

This is the myth that a vacation must involve some kind of 5-star resort, with masseuses, and various suburban luxuries. The worst I’ve seen: people in far-away, exotic places who spend the entire time in the safe confines of their hotel room ordering room-service and watching pay-per-view movies. Come on! You can do this from home. The real purpose of traveling should always be to immerse yourself in some new flavor of culture and lifestyle. If you’re not doing this, you’re not traveling right, and you’re probably wasting thousands of dollars on the vacation myth.
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A look at Winston Wu’s controversial site, HappierAbroad.com.

I love to consume large amounts of information and ideas. Occasionally, I stumble on sites that really get me thinking about certain topics. Whether my reaction to some of the ideas are positive or negative is not relevant, because what makes me curious, or gives me a desire to debate, is inherently good for my intellectual appetite.

Among the many sites like this which I frequently visit is HappierAbroad.com. This is a site run by Winston Wu, who I believe is one of the more controversial figures on the net. He has a large amount of critics, and this is readily apparent if you look up his name. I first heard about him from from a post on an internet message board several years ago, where there was a thread with about 100 responses of people making fun of him. This piqued my curiosity, because when I see a bandwagon of people tormenting some poor schmuck on the internet (or anywhere), my first instinct is to take a step back, avoid the “mob mentality”, and find out what’s really going on. As it turns out, Winston actually has a very large fan-base, and many people who are intrigued by his writing and insights which are very politically incorrect. Interestingly, I was introduced to his writing through his critics.
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Is Retirement Good?

Excitement incarnate.

The game of life, especially in America, is work like a horse to 60 or 65, and then you get your “reward” of work-free existence. You go spend your remaining days at a country club retirement home, playing golf and gossiping about people at morning brunch. Or sometimes you go on a cruise where you can gossip about people at morning brunch while overlooking the Caiman islands.
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Is Arguing Good?

Serious arguing. Serious business.

Ever hear the term “preaching to the choir?” This is not a good habit, and it’s the reason arguing is often very healthy. You shouldn’t allow your beliefs and opinions to remain unchecked.

People don’t like to go outside of their circle of comfort. This is why it’s unlikely that you’ll find one of the vast community of Scientology critics doing presentations at the Hubbard center in Los Angeles, with open-minded Scientologists listening, taking notes, and offering constructive rebuttals.
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How To Stop Being Self Conscious (Part 2)

In the previous article, I discussed the “why” of self conscious behavior, plus the characteristics of it. As previously mentioned, this is a very common problem among people of all ages. While this blog is not a substitute for professional help, the following pieces of advice are my personal methods and ideas for pushing the tide against your self conscious issues.
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Why Are People Self Conscious?

self conscious

(Note: an excessive amount of self conscious feelings could be symptoms of an anxiety disorder where you may need to seek professional help not found on this blog). There is no “cure all” to feeling self conscious, and most people experience it quite routinely. My definition is “feeling uneasy about yourself in relation to others, and the world around you,” and the terminology literally describes the phenomenon: you’re thinking excessively about yourself, versus living in the moment. Self consciousness seems to dissipate with age and experience, hence why teens have it the worst. Although, I believe it never goes away for some people, and it goes hand-in-hand with the insecure behavior that both adults and teens exhibit.
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The Power of Going Out

Do you get out enough? Do you ever hear the phrase “You don’t get out enough”?

Sometimes the simplest solution to a gloomy feeling is to get oneself out of the house and interacting with people. I consider this highly therapeutic.

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How to experience good stress instead of bad stress.


Not all stress leads to bad experiences.

Everybody experiences stress. What many articles and books fail to mention is that stress is perfectly normal (so much stress management advice on the web is one dimensional… Do yoga, breathing exercise, etc. This is just not enough). Stress is a natural, evolutionary mechanism to help you perform and avoid danger. So no matter what, you’re always going to experience some degree of stress. The question is whether the stress is detrimental or constructive.
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How to naturally energize yourself in the morning.

7:30-8:00 AM is known as the caffeine rush at Starbucks. This is when poor baristas must deal with scores of very angry, very grumpy professionals trying to jack themselves up on as many stimulants as possible before they must deal with their high-pressure, stressful days at work. It really amazes me what baristas have to deal with. During a very short-lived job at a coffee shop, I was put in charge of the caffeine rush. In retrospect, I would rather work as a land-mine collector on the Korean border than deal with that job again. But I digress.

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