5 Ways to Discover Your Elemental Essence


Philosophy is riddled with abstractions. One such abstract element is something I’ve touched on the corners of, yet haven’t fully wrapped my mind around. This is the individual essence. Not merely your “soul” but the flavor of who you are that is attached to everything you do. Personality is a highly dumbed-down term for what this is.

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On Lifestyle Design, And Why You Should be Doing it

Pic courtesy creative commons.

Pic courtesy creative commons.

Lifestyle design is both a philosophy and a business motto. Like many people, I heard about it the first time thanks to tech geek guru and business savant Timothy Ferris. I was a college sophomore in 2007 when he published “The Four Hour Work Week“. Although in 2014 I can look back at this book as being rather dated, with certain business principles that are no longer applicable, the big idea about “lifestyle design” remains the same.

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A new book! How to Make Money While Traveling

how to make money while traveling   EDIT: This book is currently an Amazon Best Seller in both the job hunting and adventure travel categories. It’s taken months of work but I’m finally a best selling author! — Hey everybody, I have a brand new book up this week. Below is my description from the Amazon.com page. Basically, I’m selling it dirt-cheap, and it’s about how to make money on the road and live to your full potential. Continue Reading

How To Travel on a Budget (the real way).

Do you buy into the vacation myth? Or do you know how to actually travel on a budget?

This is the myth that a vacation must involve some kind of 5-star resort, with masseuses, and various suburban luxuries. The worst I’ve seen: people in far-away, exotic places who spend the entire time in the safe confines of their hotel room ordering room-service and watching pay-per-view movies. Come on! You can do this from home. The real purpose of traveling should always be to immerse yourself in some new flavor of culture and lifestyle. If you’re not doing this, you’re not traveling right, and you’re probably wasting thousands of dollars on the vacation myth.
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Are You Seduced by Hyper-Reality?

Unrealistically beautiful people. A glamorous lifestyle you can never achieve. These are the images the media sends us all the time. It’s a carefully constructed hyper-reality which tugs at our desires of who we want to be. The people are usually airbrushed to perfection, and the lifestyles appear equal parts pretentious and exclusive, yet also fun and without the drama or problems we incur in real-life. How can that be?
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How To Become Marketable


You may have recently read my article: (How To Be Your Own CEO). On this same vein, if you become the CEO of your life, one of the first departments you should establish is a great marketing department.
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Is Retirement Good?

Excitement incarnate.

The game of life, especially in America, is work like a horse to 60 or 65, and then you get your “reward” of work-free existence. You go spend your remaining days at a country club retirement home, playing golf and gossiping about people at morning brunch. Or sometimes you go on a cruise where you can gossip about people at morning brunch while overlooking the Caiman islands.
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How To Be Your Own CEO

Nothing is as ominous as a scary CEO

How do you regulate and manage your life?

I’m asking because I consider myself the CEO of my life. I have different concepts and goals, which I delegate into different “departments” in my mind. On some days, I might be focusing on a particular department (ie: learn how to play some sport, develop a particular web-site, etc.). I’ll journal, and think about ways to enhance this area. If something just isn’t working out, I may be forced to terminate that department.
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How To Be Interesting

“I just want somebody who’s interesting…”

Most girls want this in a guy. And, there’s a lot of guys who want this in girls.

“He / she is not very interesting…”

These are not words you want a potential employer to say after you leave the interview.

“What I do is not very interesting…”

This statement translates to “I’m not a very interesting person”.

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of interesting-anxiety out there. Am I interesting enough?

If you don’t feel like you’re very interesting, there are ways to treat this. Most likely, the culprit is a lack of inner-motivation, a lack of direction, and a tendency to withdraw during your spare time into media-centered anesthetization (video games, movies, web browsing, internet pornography, or whatever you fancy).
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How To Return To School

Also see: How To Figure Out Your Major

These days many people are returning to school as they face the notion that their current skill-set isn’t marketable enough. This usually happens after getting laid-off, or after realizing that jobs are so hard to find that a competitive edge must be created.
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How To Figure Out Your Major

Many people go to college to achieve a degree in something which they believe is the “correct thing to do”. In other words, they have no desire to become a lawyer, but going pre-law and preparing for law school is the “responsible” thing to do, what friends and family want and expect, and therefore the only logical choice.
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How To Stop Being Self Conscious (Part 2)

In the previous article, I discussed the “why” of self conscious behavior, plus the characteristics of it. As previously mentioned, this is a very common problem among people of all ages. While this blog is not a substitute for professional help, the following pieces of advice are my personal methods and ideas for pushing the tide against your self conscious issues.
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