The Problem With Hayley Stevens

I don’t normally invade my personal travel and culture-related website with topics related to metaphysics, the paranormal, etc. However, I felt it necessary to copy and paste a response I made to “skeptic” blogger Hayley Stevens, due to the ridiculous nature of some of her arguments, and because I posted this as a comment on her blog–which means she may not approve it, she may take it down, etc (and I like what I wrote, and I’d rather keep it available).

This is her original article:

It’s a response to Michael Prescott, who often blogs about the unreasonable nature of internet skeptics, as well as legitimate evidence for certain supernatural topics. Hayley argues in support of the extreme skeptical community.

And below is my response. Enjoy:

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How To Travel on a Budget (the real way).

Do you buy into the vacation myth? Or do you know how to actually travel on a budget?

This is the myth that a vacation must involve some kind of 5-star resort, with masseuses, and various suburban luxuries. The worst I’ve seen: people in far-away, exotic places who spend the entire time in the safe confines of their hotel room ordering room-service and watching pay-per-view movies. Come on! You can do this from home. The real purpose of traveling should always be to immerse yourself in some new flavor of culture and lifestyle. If you’re not doing this, you’re not traveling right, and you’re probably wasting thousands of dollars on the vacation myth.
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A look at Winston Wu’s controversial site,

I love to consume large amounts of information and ideas. Occasionally, I stumble on sites that really get me thinking about certain topics. Whether my reaction to some of the ideas are positive or negative is not relevant, because what makes me curious, or gives me a desire to debate, is inherently good for my intellectual appetite.

Among the many sites like this which I frequently visit is This is a site run by Winston Wu, who I believe is one of the more controversial figures on the net. He has a large amount of critics, and this is readily apparent if you look up his name. I first heard about him from from a post on an internet message board several years ago, where there was a thread with about 100 responses of people making fun of him. This piqued my curiosity, because when I see a bandwagon of people tormenting some poor schmuck on the internet (or anywhere), my first instinct is to take a step back, avoid the “mob mentality”, and find out what’s really going on. As it turns out, Winston actually has a very large fan-base, and many people who are intrigued by his writing and insights which are very politically incorrect. Interestingly, I was introduced to his writing through his critics.
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Are You Seduced by Hyper-Reality?

Unrealistically beautiful people. A glamorous lifestyle you can never achieve. These are the images the media sends us all the time. It’s a carefully constructed hyper-reality which tugs at our desires of who we want to be. The people are usually airbrushed to perfection, and the lifestyles appear equal parts pretentious and exclusive, yet also fun and without the drama or problems we incur in real-life. How can that be?
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Social Status Don’t Mean Jack

High Society

“I need it all… The money, the fame, the cars, the clubs” Rihanna – Hard.

Social status is not, and never will be, a replacement for happiness. There is absolutely no correlation between things like money, status over others, a feeling of power over others, and happiness.

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