Why Life is Meant to Be Enjoyed


Trying to make sense of the world can be difficult, especially when you realize how backwards people’s priorities are.

If you live and breathe in Western culture, I promise that you are being subjected to a socially constructed myth that you’re either “working and paying your dues”, or you’re “being lazy”. There’s no in-between. Enjoyment is greedy, work is good.

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When Should You Actually Party?

Here’s an interesting dynamic: people always celebrate and party when they feel good. They get some new job or promotion, they win something, it’s someones birthday, or some other event comes out of the blue which energizes everybody. That’s usually when people get together and have a good time.

The other 80-90% of the time–when we feel like shit–we tend to just stay at home. This is when crises, hardship, problems, anxieties, traumas, grief, loss, and everything else which often accompanies life on Earth plagues us, and we can’t think about anything except our specific problems. We just sit around, worry about the future, and stress about what to do next.
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