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Motivation Versus Discipline

Motivation is an easily traded commodity. It’s easy to feel motivated, and it’s even an adrenaline rush. It feels good taking action and going through a period of euphoric release as you get things done. Especially if you make a series of resolutions which you know will benefit your life. You’ll feel energized as you begin the process of redefining yourself.

How To Be Honest With Your Goals

I’m asking because very often, we’re ashamed of the real reasons why we want to get to the next level in our lives. For instance, a guy may be working out every-day and developing large biceps because he says “I want to be in good shape and be healthy!” whereas the actual reason is “I want more self esteem and for girls to notice me”.

How to naturally energize yourself in the morning.

Through some early-morning practices, there are ways to energize yourself for the day without caffeine. While you may already be used to the effects of caffeine, and thus resistant to the chemical effects, it’s impossible to avoid some level of a caffeine-crash about an hour after you feel the most energized from that cup of espresso. If you’re anything like me, coffee provides a brief jolt, and then for hours after you feel queasy and generally awful.