Why Are People Self Conscious?

self conscious

(Note: an excessive amount of self conscious feelings could be symptoms of an anxiety disorder where you may need to seek professional help not found on this blog). There is no “cure all” to feeling self conscious, and most people experience it quite routinely. My definition is “feeling uneasy about yourself in relation to others, and the world around you,” and the terminology literally describes the phenomenon: you’re thinking excessively about yourself, versus living in the moment. Self consciousness seems to dissipate with age and experience, hence why teens have it the worst. Although, I believe it never goes away for some people, and it goes hand-in-hand with the insecure behavior that both adults and teens exhibit.
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Social Status Don’t Mean Jack

High Society

“I need it all… The money, the fame, the cars, the clubs” Rihanna – Hard.

Social status is not, and never will be, a replacement for happiness. There is absolutely no correlation between things like money, status over others, a feeling of power over others, and happiness.

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The Power of Going Out

Do you get out enough? Do you ever hear the phrase “You don’t get out enough”?

Sometimes the simplest solution to a gloomy feeling is to get oneself out of the house and interacting with people. I consider this highly therapeutic.

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You Don’t Have Any Time Left

HourglassThis is a short post because I just want to remind you about something: you are dying.

Everybody is terminally ill.

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Motivation Versus Discipline

Unfortunately, motivation is an easily traded commodity. It’s easy to feel motivated, and it’s even an adrenaline rush. It feels good taking action and going through a period of euphoric release as you get things done. Especially if you make a series of resolutions which you know will benefit your life. You’ll feel energized as you begin the process of redefining yourself.

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How To Be Honest With Your Goals

What did Donald Duck really want?

This is a big concept, so I hope you’re sitting down.

Why do you really want to accomplish the things on your goal-list?

Why do you want these fantasies to become reality?
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Self Development 101

I’d like to reintroduce the idea of self development so we better understand the theory before digging too deeply into the application of it.

“The unexamined life is not worth living,” – Socrates

“Know thyself” – Socrates, Pythagoras, Chilon of Sparta
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How to experience good stress instead of bad stress.


Not all stress leads to bad experiences.

Everybody experiences stress. What many articles and books fail to mention is that stress is perfectly normal (so much stress management advice on the web is one dimensional… Do yoga, breathing exercise, etc. This is just not enough). Stress is a natural, evolutionary mechanism to help you perform and avoid danger. So no matter what, you’re always going to experience some degree of stress. The question is whether the stress is detrimental or constructive.
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How to live a freer lifestyle.

Today I’ll present a case-study: that innocuous little $400.00 crocodile skin wallet. Let’s call him Croc.


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How to naturally energize yourself in the morning.

7:30-8:00 AM is known as the caffeine rush at Starbucks. This is when poor baristas must deal with scores of very angry, very grumpy professionals trying to jack themselves up on as many stimulants as possible before they must deal with their high-pressure, stressful days at work. It really amazes me what baristas have to deal with. During a very short-lived job at a coffee shop, I was put in charge of the caffeine rush. In retrospect, I would rather work as a land-mine collector on the Korean border than deal with that job again. But I digress.

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How to handle professional dissapointment.

Hollywood fascinates me.

I recently had the chance to hear a veteran of the Hollywood process give a small lecture on what life in the entertainment business is really about.
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