My Eternal Thailand Summer

The humid, coastal / tropical conditions of the gulf of Thailand is beginning to get to me as I start to miss the lovely Arizona winter climate. Out here, it’s 85 fahrenheit every-day, and when I step outside my face drips with sweat.

But, I also realize I am on the swan song of my months in Thailand, and I’ll probably miss a lot about this country, including even the atrocious weather. I only have so much time left to make an impact with more cool photos and videos, while simultaneously I have to start thinking about my next job abroad and where else I can adventure (aside from my return to North Korea at the end of March).

It’s hard to leave a country you’ve adapted to. To leave means I must say goodbye to my girlfriend who I’ve been with for months through various arduous trials. She was there when I broke my leg in November, and helped nurse me back to health. Today, as I walk normally after a surprisingly fast recovery, I cannot take for granted that a few months ago I thought I’d be leaving Thailand in a wheelchair.

I’ve had a lot of crazy experiences out here. From the awesome friends I made in Bangkok, to my not-so-awesome experiences at an office-based job that completely fell to pieces. I’ve dealt with crazy farangs (that is – crazy British expats), crazy bar girls, and crazy Tuk Tuk drivers. But, even the crazy stuff has helped define my experiences in a positive way.

From going deep into Isaan, to the giant Buddha art of Ko Chi Chang mountain, there’s a lot of sights to see in this place. But, to understand Thailand you have to look beyond the tourist nonsense that everyone is over-saturated with, and get to know the Thai people – whether through new friends, or maybe a new lover. The Thai people are enigmatic – lots of smiles, but most certainly a level of poverty that influences their behavior – sometimes in a very negative way. But, nobody is perfect, and it’s impossible to leave this country without a ton of new friends and family.

I never really thought much about Thailand before my opportunity with a travel company brought me here. Now, inevitably, I will return here. The low cost of living is a major draw, but my need to stay in-touch with new friends and surrogate family ensures my eventual return.

My last chapter involves going to Phi Phi island in the pristine Phuket region, one of the nicest places on Earth (which means it will be swarming with tourists). After that a final reminiscent week in Jomtien / Pattaya, then back to America.

I’m still alive!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the site with any new articles. I just wanted to drop by and give a heads up that I’m still here. In addition, the site is going to be overhauled soon to focus on my film and entertainment career. I’m not sure yet where to put all of my articles. They’ll probably still be here, just no longer accessible from the front page. In the meantime, feel free to leave me any comments or feedback, or check out the site for my company at I currently do commercial advertising and film work in Arizona.

New direction for the site?

I’ve enjoyed all of my self-development related articles, and I’ve been surprised by the amount of people coming to this site since I created it a few months back. And, I will continue to write these style of articles. However, I am also going to make this page a bit more personal, as a chance to share my own opinions, talk about other interests and hobbies. So in addition to the self-help related writing, the blog attachment to my site is also a place to stay in touch with me and see what’s going on inside my head.

For the latest news, I am currently working on a business, and it’s on a similar vein to some of the writing on this blog. I’ll post some updates about it as things develop (I usually keep projects and things under wraps until they’re actually completed. No sense in being all talk / no show).