Welcome to the homepage and travel blog of Cyrus Kirkpatrick. I am an amateur photographer, media-maker, and writer. I have gone into the depths of North Korea and remote regions of southeast Asia. In addition, I also write about many lifestyle related topics. I have worked as a travel journalist, SEO content writer, and videogrspher. I live in Arizona and many places abroad.
Pyongyang, the City of Secrets

Pyongyang, the City of Secrets

All photos were taken in April 2013 and are copyright to Cyrus Kirkpatrick, all rights reserved. Click on any image to expand it The spirit of Pyongyang (“city in the flat-land”) has endured for thousands of years, and despite being continually shattered by warfare, it always springs from the ashes in some unique way. The...
Back to North Korea This Week

Back to North Korea This Week

Next week I return to the mostly frigid conditions of Pyongyang and the regions around the infamous “Central City”. This trip is marked by political turmoil and what appears to be another extended winter, with freezing conditions at night and a chilled air in the daytime. Will the skies be gray and filled with a...
My Eternal Thailand Summer

My Eternal Thailand Summer

The humid, coastal / tropical conditions of the gulf of Thailand is beginning to get to me as I start to miss the lovely Arizona winter climate. Out here, it’s 85 fahrenheit every-day, and when I step outside my face drips with sweat. But, I also realize I am on the swan song of my...
My return to North Korea - Post Your Requests

My return to North Korea – Post Your Requests

As some may know, I am returning to North Korea in just over six weeks from the date of this post. It’s admittedly an unusual time to go, given their nuclear detonation this week. Some elements of the DPRK government remain completely outside the realm of logic and reason. I wonder how much the latest...

The Furthest Reaches of Thailand

These photos chronicle life in the far northeastern rural countryside of Isaan. Many of the people in these remote towns are rarely exposed to farangs (foreigners), so it was an especially unique opportunity to join with a family for an annual celebration. This celebration involved their family house being cleared out so that a troupe...

Thailand Travel Journalism Galore

Here’s your chance to get a new perspective about Thailand, in particular the Chonburi district that contains the famous city of Pattaya, a place filled with crime, intrigue, and sordid amounts of sex. Most of my articles, however, are more of the family friendly sort. Guaranteed before I leave here, and once I learn to...

Creepy Pyongyang Loudspeakers

(This video has created some controversy in my e-mailbox. In response, please see my rant about preconceived notions of North Korea that I’ve dealt with since returning.