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Congratulations! You’re almost there, but to get you free booklet follow these quick steps.

To get your free booklet from Cyrus Kirkpatrick…

Step One: Check your mailbox for the confirmation e-mail. Next, you must click the confirmation link on that page.

Step Two: From the confirmation page that comes up, you can then click to download the book.

Help, My Email Didn’t Show Up!

It’s either in your spam-folder, or Gmail’s new “promotions” tab. (Google, many believe, implemented this really bad, hard-to-notice filter to force people like me, with small mailing lists, to buy Google ads).

To Check and Disable the Promotions Tab…

Above your inbox (if you’re using Gmail), are tabbed widgets like this:

Promotions Tab 5

Click “promotions” to view the hidden e-mails.

To shut off this terrible invention, go to your settings and “configure inbox”.

Disable Promotion Tab

Then just uncheck promotions. Tada, you’re done. Now, by all means, you should receive your e-mail.


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