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From Documentary and Fiction Film-Making, To Training Videos, Commercials, Celebrations, and Private Projects…

My name is Cyrus Kirkpatrick. I have a bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona film-school. I operate an AF100 Panasonic professional-level digital camera. To me, film and video is not “just a job”. My dedication is to create works of art and high-quality images. I have gone from shooting video on tiny SD flip-cams at my first media job, to shooting wide-scale documentary projects and editing television productions. 

I offer high-quality video services, always at competitive prices. This includes pre-production, cinematography and editing. There is no project too small or too large. From weddings, training videos, small promotional pieces, edited promotional blips for web-sites, to full-length feature films. Please see one of my various letters of recommendation by visiting my resume page. 

My dedication is to film and video, and I’ll continue to implement the highest quality equipment and best editing standards to see your project matches your vision– not just through the videographic process but through corporate intercommunication, planning, and teamwork. Get started right now by contacting me at or calling me direct 520-403-9501. 

Current Reel:

A Small Selection Of My Work

Greek Life Commercial 1
Type: Commercial
Client: University of Arizona
A commercial for the international fraternities at the University of Arizona. Shown to thousands of incoming freshmen every year.

Greek Life Commercial 2
Type: Commercial
Client: University of Arizona
The second part of the same video

Sabrina and Josh’s wedding
Type: Personal
Client: Wedding
An example wedding video, actually the first I ever shot.

Southwest Water Reclamation
Type: Documentary
Client: University of Arizona Civil Engineering
A major documentary short for educational purposes, about the condition of water use in the southwest.

Teenage Paparazzo Premiere
Type: Promo
Client: Adrian Grenier
A somewhat unusual video I was asked to edit for Adrian Grenier, star of Entourage. I’m not sure what they ever did with it, but here it is 🙂

New Years Resolution to Rock
Type: Event Promo
Client: Tucson Young Professionals
A promo video for the New Year’s Eve party 2011 in Tucson Arizona

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