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Hi, I’m Cyrus, and this is my blog. I’m a #1 Amazon best-selling author and it’s my desire¬†to help people like YOU create better lifestyles. I combine concepts in personal development along with practical business steps to help thousands of readers.

What Does Location Independence Mean?

It’s the ability to travel when you want, to make money independently without being confined to a single office, and the power to get up and GO–without having to wait for the two weeks of vacation time per year.

Today, thousands of people have adopted this lifestyle, often through establishing themselves as entrepreneurs. This may include online business owners, consultants, or any number of professions that can be handled remotely.

Can Anyone Do This?

A goal like this is NOT a walk in the park. It requires sufficient understanding of one’s strengths and weaknesses and a GAME-PLAN. It also requires sacrifice, and the ability to give up one’s current way of life. However, anybody who sets this as a goal can and WILL accomplish it.

Is This For Me?

Some people are very comfortable in the “status quo” and will NOT feel like adopting a mobile lifestyle. This is fine, and it’s more common among people raising families who are not looking to shake things up. It entirely depends upon a persons wants, needs and the phase they’re at in life.

For some, however, there is a crushing weight of TEDIOUSNESS that forces a person into taking action to change. This may include:

    • Feeling STUCK in a job that is boring, constantly stressful, or both.
    • The sense that the world around you is slipping away as you grow older, without accomplishing anything that you once dreamed you’d do.
    • A sense of being confined to your hometown and a completely mediocre existence.
    • The tendency to constantly browse photos online of better places that you want to move to, but have no idea how to do it.

How Do I Learn These Concepts?

The best place to first go is to check out the Cyrus Kirkpatrick Lifestyle Design series. These books on Amazon / Kindle can be viewed from any browser, and they are no more expensive than a cup of coffee each.


This includes fundamental titles such as:

“How to Quit Your Job, Escape Soul Crushing Work, Create the Life You Want, and Live Happy”

“Freedom: How to Make Money From Your Dreams and Ambitions”

“How to Make a Business When You’re Broke”

“How to Actually Make Money Blogging’

And a lot more…

This library is still expanding, but currently consists of countless months of research and development, creating what I hope are the hardest hitting career, internet business, and lifestyle books on Amazon.

Next up, don’t forget to visit for updates, guides and tutorials as they become available–as I help to keep readers informed about mobile lifestyle concepts.

Adventure Travel and More

To view my North Korea work, which has now been mentioned in multiple news stations and publications, you can get started by checking out the North Korea Uncloaked page. I have also published guides to Southeast Asia, including photojournalistic tours. Click here to visit my Thailand page now.

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