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How To Be Honest With Your Goals

What did Donald Duck really want?

This is a big concept, so I hope you’re sitting down.

Why do you really want to accomplish the things on your goal-list?

Why do you want these fantasies to become reality?

I’m asking because very often, we’re ashamed of the real reasons why we want to get to the next level in our lives. For instance, a guy may be working out every-day and developing large biceps because he says “I want to be in good shape and be healthy!” whereas the actual reason is “I want more self esteem and for girls to notice me”.

Person B wants to make a lot of money, and is working very, very hard to accumulate riches. The reason? “I want to live a fabulous lifestyle”. The real reason? “I want girls to notice me and to feel better about myself” (Notice a trend here? You’d be amazed how many goals of men secretly relate to sex. I have no idea if this applies to women too. Ladies e-mail me and tell me.).

Some other secret, shameful goals could be: “I want to be famous” or “I want to get a lot of attention” or “I want to party for three months straight in London” or “I want to impress my father / mother”. These goals are just beneath the surface, just below what we tell people, and just above the subconscious mind. In the subconscious, there may be even deeper motivations and layers.

I think you need to get in touch with your secret goals, embrace them, and then critically evaluate them. A goal to attract the opposite sex and feel better about yourself isn’t necessarily something to be ashamed of. The same goes for something that seems “superficial” such as being famous, partying, etc. For some reason, these goals bring you motivation and desire, and you’d be cutting yourself short by deeming something as artificial or low-quality because there isn’t a subtext to save the whales or feed the hungry. If your desire is to travel to Greece, eat lots of food and hit on Grecians, then just accept your desire.

Motivations can change in time, but what you think is superficial may really be an important ingredient for your life. Just be cautious and don’t do anything without first thinking it through.

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