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How To Be Your Own CEO

Nothing is as ominous as a scary CEO

How do you regulate and manage your life?

I’m asking because I consider myself the CEO of my life. I have different concepts and goals, which I delegate into different “departments” in my mind. On some days, I might be focusing on a particular department (ie: learn how to play some sport, develop a particular web-site, etc.). I’ll journal, and think about ways to enhance this area. If something just isn’t working out, I may be forced to terminate that department.

How do you manage your life? Do you even manage it at all? You need to start creating long-term vision plans. You should be constructing solid ideas of where you want to be five years from now. You should be thinking right now about baggage to settle, and things you need to do, before you ‘retire your company’ (reminder: you could kick the bucket tomorrow, or in fifty years, it is unpredictable).

You should have active departments and campaigns inside your mind that relate to different priorities in your life. You could have a major department: “achieve financial independence” and a smaller department: “rebuild connections with family or relatives”. Whatever is necessary, think of them as serious projects, write about them, do reports, evaluate them, at the end of the fiscal year evaluate how far you’ve come.

I am afraid that without doing this your motivation could wane, and there could be serious problems that could go unchecked, which could grow into multi-headed dragons ready to take everything in your life over.

So start being the CEO of your life. If you don’t do this, other people may end up calling the shots in your life, and you could end up as an employee, and you’ll no longer have the power to steer it in the direction you want it to go. I don’t think you want it to come down to this.

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