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How To Become Marketable


You may have recently read my article: (How To Be Your Own CEO). On this same vein, if you become the CEO of your life, one of the first departments you should establish is a great marketing department.

No matter what your goals are, marketing is important in all of them. If nobody knows who you are, how are you supposed to accomplish the things you want to accomplish? With the advent of the information age and the internet generation, the playing field is somewhat leveled, and now everybody has a chance to be their own celebrity. Although this increases general competition, it also places important tools in the hands of the savvy.

1. Professional photography.

Great photos allure and seduce people. This may sound sleazy, but it’s absolutely true. The cult of celebrity and cults of personality are largely attributed to glamorized depictions of people. People buy into the illusions they see on magazine covers, and this somehow subconsciously taps into certain desires for perfection, and those who believe the lie will idolize these “perfect people”.

I am suggesting that you should tap into this power. Invest into some professional photo-work, and use it for all manner of self-promotion. A great photographer makes anybody look perfect, and this is part of the illusion. Is it wrong to exploit this illusion? I’m not one to say, except I can tell you that it works.

2. Web-site

You should get a web-site. It’s not hard to make a web-presence. Take those professional photos, and attach them to a web-template. Download software like NVU ( to go with cheap hosting at GoDaddy or HostGator, and with a bit of practice you can make a site with some basic information about yourself. Attach a blog or two from and before you know it, you’ll have a web-presence.

3. Create a brand

What do you believe in, stand for, and are passionate about? Figure these things out, and help exemplify them on your web-page. Maybe you love carpentry, so can be filled with information about woodworking. Whatever the case is, take your interests and turn them into your personal brand, and use that brand to pursue new avenues in this career.

4. Business cards

You now have great photos, a web-site, and a cohesive brand-message, now get business cards. Although you may get some web-generated traffic, the real and important traffic will come from people you network with, who will have a chance to look you up and learn about you. So, you need personal business cards that you can offer people you meet.

5. A good resume

I could write an entire series of articles on resume creation, but the most important thing to do is look over your body of work, and ask what you’ve learned and accomplished. A great resume lists accomplishments, skills, and personal enhancements. Not just a dull, black and white “I worked this job, that job”. Combine this with a web-site for the employer to look at, and you’ve already created a great cohesive message about yourself.

6. Create free presentations

Take the “interest X” which your web-site / brand relates to, and begin hosting free seminars about it, maybe at local campuses or hotels. All you need is a laptop, powerpoint, maybe a microphone and some papers or questionnaires to hand out at the end to judge the effectiveness of the presentation. Perhaps create summary packets, and use the professional photos you made from step 1 on the pages.

Do enough of these, and you can attach the presentations to your body of work, you can say that you’ve presented at locations X, Y, Z, about topics, A, B, C.

7. Volunteer

Finally, if you are unemployed, then take all of your skills and marketability to your desired field or career and find a way to work for free in that industry. Can’t find that carpentry job? Start offering your service for free. With all of the above work you’ve placed into yourself, and the fact you’re doing the work any-way, you will now easily be in the top 10 percentile of job-hunters in your field.

You can thank me later!

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  1. You made this sound like so much fun!! I’ma big fan of having professional photographs taken; and I always get a friend to critique them and choose which ones I should use, it’s impossible to do yourself!

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