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How to experience good stress instead of bad stress.

Not all stress leads to bad experiences.

Everybody experiences stress. What many articles and books fail to mention is that stress is perfectly normal (so much stress management advice on the web is one dimensional… Do yoga, breathing exercise, etc. This is just not enough). Stress is a natural, evolutionary mechanism to help you perform and avoid danger. So no matter what, you’re always going to experience some degree of stress. The question is whether the stress is detrimental or constructive.

You may be wondering how stress can be constructive. Imagine that you are an Oscar winning film-maker. You would be under incredible pressure. You would have to manage a film-set of a thousand or more employees, plus deal with tight deadlines and angry studio executives. This stress, however, yields enormous payoff through self-empowerment and excitement.

The same can be said for athletes who experience the pressure of adapting their bodies to compete in the next great marathon, or the intensive physical training to survive that Olympic swimming competition. These stressful experiences are not detrimental at all.

Endocrinologist Hans Selye realized these points in 1975 when he created a distinction between Eustress and Distress. In the former, stress is related to desirable events in a person’s life, and creates positive feelings. The latter creates anxiety, depression, and other psychological ailments along with potential health related issues.

So the question is how do you minimize Distress and emphasize Eustress to create a balanced, harmonious lifestyle? This web site will explore this key issue in order to help you succeed in all areas of life.

It takes much more than just breathing exercises, Yoga, and a balanced diet as many experts suggest if you want to minimize the distress in your life. Your first order of business is to adopt a more positive mind-set. You should also find appropriate stress techniques that are proven to really work. While we certainly don’t believe in substituting professional or pharmaceutical treatment with alternative therapies, I do personally, strongly believe that one should explore all options before putting chemicals (such as pharmaceuticals) into your body for mood alteration purposes. There are many natural (psychological and holistic) remedies to try first. Unfortunately, the commercial media likes to promote the idea of shoving pills into our throats as the cure-all to everything. As a consumer, I advise to keep a healthy level of skepticism in place before putting any chemical into your body.

For your first exercise: When you step into the shower to begin your day, try to imagine that you are washing off the negative feelings and emotions which have carried with you from days prior. Just watch it all rinse down the drain. Then, step out of the shower and imagine that you are ready to begin a challenging, exciting new day. Everything that you must face is a new, potential learning experience or a story to tell. Remind yourself that there is no experience too difficult for you to handle. Try to keep this mindset active as you leave the door. Next, record how the rest of your day went and if you experienced less distress than before.

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