Ode to Murdered Travel Blogger Harry Devert

Harry Devert

I can count my heroes on one hand, and Harry Devert is one of them. A former New York financial analyst, Devert walked out of his office one day to instead explore the world and experience grand adventure. From A New Yorker Travels: There is so much good and so much to love in this […]

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8 Signs You’re a Slave Instead of an Employee


Literal slavery is a horrible practice that still persists into the modern age. But, I want to talk about another form of human exploitation–employment slavery, which can also ruin a person’s life. Generally, I consider this a self-inflicted slavery because it’s ultimately a person’s choice to work under such conditions—but I also understand that brainwashing […]

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Raptitude and When Lifestyle Design Efforts Fail


(RIP a Lifestyle Design Effort) I want anybody reading this to take note. I found a very important case study that relates to independent income and your overall happiness in life. (Note, David Cain himself kindly offered some addendums to this post to clarify what’s really going on from his side. Please see the comments […]

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Why Life is Meant to Be Enjoyed


Trying to make sense of the world can be difficult, especially when you realize how backwards people’s priorities are. If you live and breathe in Western culture, I promise that you are being subjected to a socially constructed myth that you’re either “working and paying your dues”, or you’re “being lazy”. There’s no in-between. Enjoyment […]

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On Lifestyle Design, And Why You Should be Doing it

Pic courtesy creative commons.

Lifestyle design is both a philosophy and a business motto. Like many people, I heard about it the first time thanks to tech geek guru and business savant Timothy Ferris. I was a college sophomore in 2007 when he published “The Four Hour Work Week“. Although in 2014 I can look back at this book […]

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A new book! How to Make Money While Traveling

how to make money while traveling

   EDIT: This book is currently an Amazon Best Seller in both the job hunting and adventure travel categories. It’s taken months of work but I’m finally a best selling author! — Hey everybody, I have a brand new book up this week. Below is my description from the Amazon.com page. Basically, I’m selling it […]

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On Interacting With North Koreans


Unfortunately, going into North Korea sometimes yields the impression that you’re entering a giant theatrical display; and those who are not designated actors are off-limits. However, this act of theater is actually very thin. If you happen to get a bad group of guides (it’s never happened to me), then you might find your access […]

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Pyongyang, the City of Secrets

xCave and Pyongyang 074

All photos were taken in April 2013 and are copyright to Cyrus Kirkpatrick, all rights reserved. Click on any image to expand it The spirit of Pyongyang (“city in the flat-land”) has endured for thousands of years, and despite being continually shattered by warfare, it always springs from the ashes in some unique way. The […]

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Interview With Cyrus Kirkpatrick on KVOA Channel 4


This current upload suffers from some problems. I was hoping KVOA would have better people scripting their website because I’m cut off toward the end in mid sentence! Nonetheless special thanks to Ryan at KVOA for making this really cool package about the North Korea trip that was featured this morning on Channel 4.

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Select Images from the April 2013 North Korea Trip

Cave and Pyongyang 096

Presenting 15 (+1.. 16!) of the more interesting photos I pulled out of my huge archive of pictures from the 2013 North Korea trip. There’s a lot more pictures left to post, but these are just a few of the ones that seemed to jump out at me. Please wait while this page loads.   […]

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CNN Features Our North Korea Group


Americans vacation in North Korea CNN caught up with three of the guys from our group in Beijing after returning from this year’s trip into the DPRK. Featured on the video are several of my buddies: Josh, Patrick and Joseph. The segment does a great job expressing our feelings about the trip and the contradictory […]

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Was Oprah Winfrey, Captain Picard and James Bond in North Korea?

Is this the signature of Oprah Winfrey in a North Korea hotel in the town of Nampo?

Was Oprah Winfrey once in North Korea at the town of Nampo? Was she really hanging out with Patrick Stewart and “Bond”? Could “Bond” be Sir Sean Connery? That would be barrels of awesome. (Edit; Some have pointed out that “Bond” is “Bono” which makes more sense. The “o” is curved inward a little bit, […]

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