For a complete journalistic tour of North Korea by an American, please see North Korea Uncloaked

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Every spring North Korean school-children whose parents have loyally served the party may be sent to one of a number of recreational ‘summer camps’ near Pyongyang. Although classes stay in session for these kids, at least the children of the privileged few can enjoy boating adventures, play time, and some level of ‘normal’ child-hood activities.

Exploring one of these camps, I did not see deliberate evidence of kids being subjected to the typical array of propaganda art of dead Americans and Japanese imperialist invaders threatening the nation’s independence. However, I did notice a classroom with an inconspicuous globe on a table.

On these globes, the United States and Japan are both “grayed out”.

It should also be noted that North Korean maps always show a single Korea. Part of the storyline is that the South Koreans are a horribly oppressed people who are longing to be liberated by the prosperous DPRK.

Not a massive revelation, but it’s a small detail that gives you an idea about how almost everything North Korean kids are taught goes through the state-sponsored storyline.

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