Welcome to the homepage and travel blog of Cyrus Kirkpatrick. I am an amateur photographer, media-maker, and writer. I have gone into the depths of North Korea and remote regions of southeast Asia. In addition, I also write about many lifestyle related topics. I have worked as a travel journalist, SEO content writer, and videogrspher. I live in Arizona and many places abroad.
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The Power of Going Out

Sometimes the simplest solution to a gloomy feeling is to get oneself out of the house and interacting with people. I consider this highly therapeutic.

How To Be Honest With Your Goals

I’m asking because very often, we’re ashamed of the real reasons why we want to get to the next level in our lives. For instance, a guy may be working out every-day and developing large biceps because he says “I want to be in good shape and be healthy!” whereas the actual reason is “I...

Self Development 101

I’d like to reintroduce the idea of self development so we better understand the theory before digging too deeply into the application of it. “The unexamined life is not worth living,” – Socrates “Know thyself” – Socrates, Pythagoras, Chilon of Sparta

How to naturally energize yourself in the morning.

Through some early-morning practices, there are ways to energize yourself for the day without caffeine. While you may already be used to the effects of caffeine, and thus resistant to the chemical effects, it's impossible to avoid some level of a caffeine-crash about an hour after you feel the most energized from that cup of...

How to handle professional dissapointment.

Eventually, a few epiphanies dawned, and I realized that by understanding how people end up on this dead-end path one can discover the keys to avoiding this situation in your own life, and also formulate strategies to actually success—whether in Hollywood, New York City, London, Paris, or simply on your own.