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Here’s your chance to get a new perspective about Thailand, in particular the Chonburi district that contains the famous city of Pattaya, a place filled with crime, intrigue, and sordid amounts of sex. Most of my articles, however, are more of the family friendly sort. Guaranteed before I leave here, and once I learn to walk again, I’ll have a grittier perspective about my days in the City of Extremes.

Enjoy. Everything you never wanted to know about Thai bananas. Smoldering hot Thai food, what’s going on with that? How to get around in the terrifying world of Thai traffic. How going to Thailand can be a super affordable vacation idea. My first experience exploring a Thai monastery. Some of Thailand’s most awesome locations and things to do, all within a couple hours of each other. A trip to the remote island of Koh Sichang and the ruins of an old king’s vacation retreat. One of Thailand’s most interesting and remote monasteries on Koh Sichang.

Probably a lot more to come. Stay tuned.


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