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Travelogue Day 6 – Kensington Palace, London

kensington palace

kensington palace

On this day, I was fortunate enough to meet up with my friend Sarah Feeney from Notting Hill (a friend from Arizona). I hiked from my little room at the Greyhound pub (The Monkeys in the Trees Hostel) to her home a couple of miles away. From there, we were looking for something in the immediate area to do. Across the street is Kensington Palace.

This is where, as one of Sarah’s parent’s described it, “stuffy old British royalty used to hang about”. It seems locals don’t even bother with Kensington Palace, as it’s foreigners who actually give a damn about things like dresses the Queen wore in the 1960s.

To get to the palace, we walked across Queensway near the Notting Hill underground, which is the “most expensive street in London”. On the left side are embassies, and on the right-side, extremely posh houses. This is an area of lords, barons and foreign dignitaries. Many of the houses around Kensington are palaces in their own right. However, I assume many of these houses are actually used to house government staff.

Soon, we made it to Kensington. Personally, I liked the place. There’s a lot of history in the walls. There were some surprising parts; such as the Queen’s bedroom that is strangely small and somewhat un-Queen-like. There was also a “throne” where the king would sit and entertain petitions from early Londoners.

The throne, however, was also surprisingly anti-climactic. It was just a red chair, where the king would sit all day and deal with locals and their various complaints and requests. Maybe it’s not so good to be king, after-all. In the modern age, I am sure the king could just reply to people’s Tweets.

I assume people still live at Kensington Palace, somewhere upstairs is some royal brat playing Xbox One games, I’m sure. I wonder how they feel about half of their home partitioned as a museum, with foreigners bugging around constantly?

Enjoy the pics:

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