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Was Oprah Winfrey, Captain Picard and James Bond in North Korea?

Was Oprah Winfrey once in North Korea at the town of Nampo? Was she really hanging out with Patrick Stewart and “Bond”?

Could “Bond” be Sir Sean Connery?

That would be barrels of awesome.

(Edit; Some have pointed out that “Bond” is “Bono” which makes more sense. The “o” is curved inward a little bit, so I thought it was a “D”. Here’s to hoping it was Sean Connery).

I found this guestbook signature at a rural hotel in the depths of the DPRK this week. It could be a prank by another wandering adventurer, or it could be the real deal. Either way, this unusual guestbook entry gave me and my group a double-take.

What do you think? Is there any information out there about Oprah Winfrey coming into the DPRK? Does the handwriting match her own?

If so, it wouldn’t be the first surprising signature found in the country. Another member of our group, Michael Bassett, signed a book near Kim Jong-Il’s mausoleum with Dennis Rodman’s signature right above it (no pics were allowed in this place unfortunately).

For those who arrived at this page for the first time and do not believe I was in North Korea this week (March 30th – April-6th 2013) in the height of all these tensions, here’s my pic. I’m an American.


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