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My name is Cyrus Kirkpatrick. I have been professionally writing for almost 5  years, ever since my first writing job as a newspaper columnist at the University of Arizona, where I would later earn a bachelor’s degree in Media Arts. Since then, I moved into the world search engine optimized writing, creating high-quality web-pages that integrate SEO techniques while maintaining the integrity of the article.

I have written literally hundreds of articles for hundreds of different clients that range from small dental offices to the Monsanto corporation. I have also ghost-written a great number of projects, where clients have used my writing for publishing purposes or to help establish grants for large educational projects.

I also write for pleasure. My travel journal found on this page chronicles my journey into North Korea and it has gone “viral” on a number of occasions. Many of my self-help related articles on this site have also drawn large numbers of visitors.

Important Information to Know When Choosing a Content Writer

It’s very important that your articles are written by an English-speaking native with actual writing experience. The world of content-writing contains many outsourced companies from areas such as India and Pakistan. These companies sometimes offer prices as cheap as a dollar an article.

I don’t disavow using these outsourced companies. However, I’d only recommend it for articles that do not require quality content. A good example is a keyword-rich promotional piece about a product niche that is designed ONLY to draw search-engine traffic, where the content is irrelevant and there are dozens of keyword jammed into a 300-word piece.

Unfortunately, hiring such a company for thoughtful, professionally written work is going to be disastrous. Not only will the articles require extensive editing to fix grammatical errors, but the writers may be unfamiliar with certain cultural principles, creating embarrassing mistakes.

I am available for blog content, complete web-site formatting, article writing, article directory writing such as e-zine articles, ghost-writing that includes full-length books, press releases, and much more.

 Email me now at Cyrus@Cyruskirkpatrick.com and we will begin work together.  Guaranteed excellent deadline capabilities. Please see my resume page for one of multiple letters of recommendation that I’ve earned. 


Please click each image in the gallery to view a full-size example of an article that I’ve written. Most of these are SEO-related articles, and many were picked almost randomly from a collection of over 1,000 articles I’ve written since 2010.

These examples are in image format to avoid the clients having their SEO-optimized content direct to my site instead of theirs. The following work belongs to the respective copyright holders who originally purchased my services.


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