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You Don’t Have Any Time Left

HourglassThis is a short post because I just want to remind you about something: you are dying.

Everybody is terminally ill.

While many see fear of death as something very negative, I think there are a couple of positive aspects. The fact we have a time limit over our heads can be our greatest motivator to help us extract as much from each day as possible. And if you’re not doing this already, you need to start.

As soon as you feel an impulse to do something, you have to do it. The reason is because you may not get another chance. The moment you feel like “Boy, I sure want to go to Venice someday” you should start packing your bags.

Or “Geez, I’d sure like to talk to that woman I’m in line at the coffee shop with”, then you better open your mouth and say something.

The odds are you’ll never have another chance to do these things again.

And, even if you’re like me and you believe in life after death, that’s not exactly an excuse. Whatever my post-mortem conditions will be probably have very little in common with this life. Whether you believe we continue to exist or not, the opportunities of this moment will still become smoke unless they are seized before it’s over.

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