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Zurich and the Lifestyle Design Convention (Days 9-11)

lifestyle design
lifestyle design
Timothy Marc presents at the Lifestyle Design Convention

After leaving London, I caught a flight out of the distant Luton airport to get to Zurich. From the window of my plane, I saw a cascade of snow-covered mountains open the gates into Switzerland. Landing in Zurich, I realized the city was filled with old-world architecture and a lot of fancy clock-towers. As I always do in a new city in a new country, I proceeded to get hopelessly lost.

The purpose of being here was the Lifestyle Design Convention. I booked a ticket in summer, and it was the idea that kicked off my latest round of travels. The conference was the invention of a friend of mine, Kai Christen, to unite entrepreneurs who desire to marry freedom with their professional lives.

(This is of course the same thing that I write books about. It made a lot of sense for me to push heaven and earth to attend this event.)

The speakers ranged from social / seduction coaches like John Cooper, business savants like Timothy Marc, and arguably the most successful blogger in the world – Steve Pavlina.

This was an extremely interesting conference. I’ve been to many quasi-leadership-inspirational conferences in my life, but none of them left me walking out with immediate connections, friends, allies, and highly memorable experiences. I think half of the attendees are now on my Facebook page, and I made friends with most of the speakers, as well.

The rest of Zurich was also highly memorable. The street I stayed on, Langstrasse, was your typical funky-bar-red-lightish district. Every corner had indie music or punk rock scenes blasting their noise into the night. The hostel I attended, Langstars, was a trendy club with some dorm rooms upstairs. It was actually one of the best nightlife spots in that street. At times I wondered whether I was in Zurich, or a very cold Austin, Texas.

At the hostel, I made plenty of friends, including a traveling financial expert from London who was your quintessential adventuring rogue. Lots of beer ensued.

I only spent a couple of days enjoying the hostel, as the conference occupied me from early in the morning, to late at night for two packed days. So, I had spent far too short a time in Zurich, as the fun was just starting by the time I had to catch my flight to Istanbul.

I did get a chance to explore the old town quite a bit, which included a visit to a Swiss chocolate shop. More on this later.

Overall, I will not return to Switzerland for some time. Why? It was really damn expensive. And, I don’t mean London expensive – ie overpriced museums and subway fare – I mean every single purchase was inflated by about 150% of what a mere mortal could afford. A generic, boring sandwich with some meat and cheese could run $12.00. A can of coke $5.00. God forbid you sit down for some fondue at a restaurant – you’ll be over your budget within about two meals.

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